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Why should you use sex toys with your girl?

Many guys just hate it when they see their girls having quick orgasms with them. Sometimes, they feel insecure from those horny toys because they give their girls the pleasure which they cannot always offer. If you want to rock your girl in bed, it’s time to forget all the differences between you and the cuddly toys, and befriend them. Sex toys don’t only work when you are far away, but they can also be used when you are with her. Here a few reasons that you should use sex toys with your girl, like these couples vibrator kits (click to view in at their store)

1. They will give your girl more orgasms, that too quickly

Mostly, people either do oral or manual sex for having orgasms. Sometimes, guys lack in hitting her G-spot with the right pressure and this prevents her from having …

cold feet

4 Cute Ways To Avoid Those Pre-Wedding Fights With Your Groom

Once you have got hitched with someone special, you have to organize and manage too many things for making your wedding day fantastic. A lot of things are happening in your lives when you are just a few months or weeks away from your wedding. Sometimes, you feel so much frustrated with the daily family pressures that you end up fighting with your partner. Yes, such an easy way to explode your frustration bomb! Don’t spoil this extraordinary phase by arguing and fighting on little things, and gracefully avoid them by following these cute ways:

1. Spare up some quality time for you two

Wedding planning can be a crucial yet hard job to perform. May be you are lost so much in organizing the best stuff for that special day that you don’t realize the point of spending some ‘we’ time together. Take a …


7 PDA Gestures You Make That He Secretly Adores

Having intimate contact with his body in public can make him feel extremely awkward. May be someone won’t hesitate in asking you to arrange a room for you two. Nobody appreciates such PDA moves, but there are some decent PDA gestures of yours that he will secretly adore:

1. Holding his lower back

Guys love it when you hold their lower back affectionately and press in for a few seconds. It gives them a sense of confidence that you trust them completely. Girls! They feel loved when you do this.

2. Holding his hands firmly

When you are about to introduce him to your parents, just squeeze his hands firmly and make him feel more self-assured. If one of his colleagues wrangled with him at office, just hold his hand and tell him that you are always going to be by his side. And when …


5 things that happen in the first year of marriage that are totally true

Tying the knot is a fantastic feeling. It is the occasion when two souls agree to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Whether if it is arranged or love, you will experience lots of changes and varied emotions when you start living under one roof. In the first year of your wedding, everything seems new and you get an opportunity to explore each other, understand each other and get acquainted with new norms. If you are about to tie the knot or have already tied it a few days or weeks ago, here a few things that you will come across during the first year of marriage.

1. Meeting your new relatives/friends in the coming weeks

Once you are married, it is the time to go for dinners and lunch at your relatives’ or friends’ homes. It can be too tiring to …

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5 Amazing sex tips yoga instructors want you to follow

Sometimes, couples don’t enjoy sex with the same intensity. One partner is feeling highly aroused, while the other partner is confused about what the heck is happening. They find it hard to orgasm and match rhythm with their partners. Sex can be confusing sometimes, but the yoga instructors have got some amazing sex tips to make it a satisfying session for you both.

1. Just breathe

During intense sex sessions, couples completely forget to breathe. They are so lost in finding that divine pleasure that they are not concerned about being present in the moment. Yoga instructors say that it is hot to match your partner’s pace and breath in those seductive moments. Getting strong hold over breathing technique can help in connecting you better with your sex partner. And the more you feel connected, the more your relationship will bloom in bed.

2. Be